OK. So I just painted a NUDE… my first painting!!! *Proud sobs*

And I’ll post pictures lata’, ya’ down?



About me : 3 words.

I also heard of another project; describe your life in 3 words.


This is true for mostly everyone’s life. Well, at one point or another. And to me, I believe in fate depending on what day it is… But I always believe in a God that controls me.

I mean, I have freewill, but some things just happen out of my control. And that’s cool with me, ’cause “everything happens for a reason”…

But seriously, sometimes FATE SCREWS UP.

Especially in the 9th inning with 2 outs.


My life in 6 words?

Recently I heard that there was a project where people describe their life in 6 words. I decided I should give it a shot…

Weaving dreams, while repairing the seams…

That’s mine… What it means is that I constantly think of dreams, white constantly repairing all the kinks in the plan. ‘Tiss all. šŸ™‚

But yeah. 6 word biography? It’s now crossed off my to-do list. šŸ™‚

VIVA LA ORANGE: part one

Yess. I decided what to do with my terribly short hair….. I will GROW IT OUT.

And yes, I know how obvious this is to most people, but I have an addiction to cutting hair. However, I will supress this tempting action. I, will, grow, my, hair, out. That’s my mantra.

Yes, I lead an incredibly boring life… And I deal with it everyday.

But whatever, I want long, orange, pigtailed hair.

I know that I am odd.

Oh well. I really didn’t have much to say, I’m just really excited about this considering that I haven’t had hair down past my chin in years. Whoot Whoot.


It all started with a scarf. (Chapter One.)

Knitting is my lifestyle…. My lifestyle consists of knitting. Simple.

Only I am quite addicted to it, and try to stop knitting as much as I can. But then when I finally stop knitting, I stare at it… as it stares back. It dares me, Come on… Come on and knit with meee.

Of course, this is when I call the nearest psychiatrist and book a meeting.

But all that aside, I started knitting a JUNO scarf. It has the orange-and-white colors of Little Miss Preggo’s maternity gear. And its totally comfy, so it’sĀ a double-whammy.


Anywho. I think I’m done typing for now. Fo shizz up the internet.


It all started with a blog… (The Introduction)

So let’s start at a point that was 5 minutes ago… Because that was when I decided to start a blog.

I was pondering the choices of what I should do for the next 20 minutes. That is because I get bored easily and that I cannot stand doing nothing.

So here I am. Typing away, trying to think of a witty word to describe something. And trying to think of places to insert it into a sentence. Blase? Avant Garde? I don’t know. I just want to come across sounding hip, sophisticated, modern, and unapproachable.

Because that’s how most bloggers are. Stuckup people who hide behind a keyboard, typing things that they wouldn’t be able to actually verbalize.

Which is quite a lot like me.

So I guess Mission One is accomplished…

Onwards, with the self-absorbed literature. Onwards, blogger.

Onwards. šŸ™‚